Please note that ALL our charges are inclusive of VAT at the current rate of 20% – Prices from January 2017

Charges for annual, winter and monthly moorings are payable in advance. A Vessel length is charged at L.O.A rounded up to the nearest 0.5 mtr, to include davits, bow-sprit, stem head fittings and bathing platforms.

A 5% discount is allowed on annual moorings only, provided the full amount is received before the renewal date. Unfortunately, payment by credit card will not benefit from the 5% reduction.


Annual 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017 £270.00
Annual 01/04/2017 to 31/03/2018 £270.00
Winter 01/10/2017 to 31/03/2018 £105.00
North and South Arm per metre LOA
Monthly Subject to availability £46.00 per metre

Berths on the SOUTH ARM will be charged at a minimum of 9 metres. All others at a minimum of 6 metres.


  • Lay up package – Lift, wash off, move to hard standing and re-launch  £46.00 per metre LOA
  • Lift and wash off £25.00 per metre LOA
  • Re-Launch £25.00 per metre LOA
  • Lift Out, Wash Off & Relaunch (24hrs in Slings) £28.00 per metre LOA
  • Work boat towage, where required £54.00 per hour

For berthholders, hardstanding is free. (Included in your charges)

Hardstanding for Non-Bertholders £16.00 per metre LOA per month (or part thereof )

Cradle Hire: N.B. Fin Keel Boats will only be stored ashore on suitable cradles. Masts may be left up when using cradles.

Annual Winter Monthly
Minimum Charge (9 Metres) £228.80 £147.40 £41.14
Each Additional metre £20.34 £16.50 £4.56

Acrow Hire @ £23.10/unit (min period 1 month)

Other service charges

  • Call out-Break-down £54.00 per hour
  • Workboat towage, where required £54.00 per hour
  • Remove or re-step Mast by crane (Storage free) £54.00 per person
    per hour


  • 16 Amp Portable Meter £165.00
  • Annual Standing Charge £99.75
  • Units used charged at – current purchased price – variable.
  • UNMETERED – A deposit of £20.00 is required for Connector
    (Credit Card accepted)
  • Daily Rate (summer period only) £3.00

Other Services

Cradle/Trailer storage charge (summer months only) £16.00 per month
More details of marina services and facilities are available on the Services & Facilities page.

Visitor Rates

Visitors Welcome – 2017 Daily Berthing Rates (24hrs)

  • 6.0 to 8.0 Mtrs (26′) £25.00 / night
  • 8.01 to 10.0 Mtrs (33′) £27.00 / night
  • 10.01 to 12.0 mtrs (39′) £29.00 / night
  • Vessels above 12 Mtrs @ £2.80 / Mtr
  • All Multihull Vessels @ £3.30 / Mtr (subject to availability)

Charges applied LOA to include: Davits, Bowsprits, Stem Head Fittings, Bathing platforms and other extensions fore and aft.

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