Tide Timetables

Heights at the marina sill

These tide tables have been produced to show when it should be possible to access the Tidemill Yacht Harbour over the sill, which dries 1.5m above chart datum. Click on the date to download each chart. The tables for 2017 have now been added.

January 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-31

February 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28

March 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-31

April 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-30

May 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-31

June 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-30

July 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-31

August 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-31

September 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-30

October 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-31

November 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-30

December 2017

1-7   8-14   15-21   22-28   29-31

The tides

The predictions themselves are based on data extracted from Michael Hopper’s wxTide32 or Harwich which in turn are based on harmonic constants provided by British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) based at the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Liverpool. They have been adjusted after observations made locally at the Tidemill entrance by Tidemill staff and the author. Pressure differences and wind direction, both in the Deben and right across the southern North Sea, can also affect heights and times quite substantially.

These tide tables were compiled with care, however neither the compiler nor Tidemill Yacht Harbour can be liable for loss or damage resulting from their use. The safety of the boat is the skipper’s absolute responsibility. These are predictions only. Do not attempt to cross the sill unless you are sure it is 100% safe to do so.

Please note that where there is only one tide that day, this has been entered in twice and is not a mistake or misuse of the 24hr clock. Be sure you know your boat’s draft. Remember that 6 adults, 100 litres of fuel, 200 litres of water and a supermarket trolley full of supplies can easily come to well over a tonne! Do you know the boat’s draft laden?

Finally if the predictions differ from the reading on the tide gauge, believe the tide gauge!

The tide times are listed in individual PDF files which will open in Adobe Reader, if you do not have this software you can download it here.

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